Sri Narasimhan

A professional portrait of a smiling man wearing a black blazer over a white shirt, against a light gray background.

Srivathsan Narasimhan (Sri), Strategic Solutions at Tata Communications is responsible for leading a team of strategic solution specialists in the APAC region to provide consultancy and capture our customers’ business needs and accordingly look at potential solutions to enable them for their digital transformation. Sri has about 20+ years of extensive experience in the Comtech […]

Edward Hubbard

A man in a suit standing in front of a city.

Edward is a commercially focused, client-facing leader. He is experienced in developing teams that grow business profitably and sustainably while delivering excellent customer service. Working with property directors, heads of facilities and sustainability teams, Edward helps blue chips and businesses in the commercial property and hospitality sectors reduce their environmental impact.

Nick Miesen

Nick has accrued over 15 years of experience working in various multinational companies and a startup he co-founded. Over the course of his career, he has gained transformation experience in R&D, Innovation, Operational Excellence, and Digital. Besides a storied career, he holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, a MSc in Physics & Astronomy and is […]

Joseph, Hongbum Jung

Mr. HongBum Jung is the head of the Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICS). With his deep expertise as a respected authority in the industry, he is leading the innovation centre towards its aim of achieving human-centered value chain innovation to move cities towards a mobility paradigm shift.

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Alexander Schmitz

Alexander Schmitz is the COO and one of the founders and shareholders of XELA Robotics, which he established with his partners in August 2018. He has been developing industry-disrupting tactile sensors for more than 13 years as part of his broader work on human-collaborative robots. XELA Robotics aims to create new possibilities for businesses in […]

Yuvraj Tomar

Yuvraj Tomar is the co-founder and CEO of CloudWorx Technologies, which designed Cloudworx Studio – a web-based Integrated Development Environment software (IDE) that allows users to build applications and workflows for 3D content without writing any code. Prior to this, he founded Thinqbot in 2013, leading to the creation of the world’s first and only […]

Dr. Elisa Roth

Dr. Elisa Roth is a dedicated industrial engineer with a passion for workforce empowerment, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. She is driven by her commitment to contribute positively to the global manufacturing community. With her visionary, offbeat thinking, she constantly strives to shift boundaries and challenge the status-quo for a future that works for all.

Raimund Klein

Raimund Klein is a highly skilled individual with experience in manufacturing design and global supply digitisation across Europe and Asia. He excels at identifying opportunities to improve, enhance and optimise processes through data analysis. His strong business acumen, solid education and progressive executive management experience enable him to build highly efficient teams in multinational organisations […]