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Unlocking the Potential of Digital Twins: Revolutionizing Manufacturing and Industrial Processes

Join Yuvraj Tomar, Co-founder and CEO of CloudWorx Technologies, as he shares about the power of digital twins and Cloudworx Studio – his web-based IDE that allows users to build applications and workflows for 3D content with no-code solution.

In this GETIT session, you will learn about how CloudWorx Studio can empower the industry with enterprise metaverse solutions, and how this no-code real-time digital twin solution is the key to enabling greater operational efficiency.

Interested in finding out more about CloudWorx and how you can leverage digital twins to boost your operational performance? Reach out to Yuvraj Tomar here:

Email: [email protected]

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Co-Founder and CEO, CloudWorx Technologies

Yuvraj Tomar is the co-founder and CEO of CloudWorx Technologies, which designed Cloudworx Studio – a web-based Integrated Development Environment software (IDE) that allows users to build applications and workflows for…

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