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INCIT launches Global Sustainability Prioritisation Index COSIRI: applications open for training and examination

INCIT has launched its newest framework, the Consumer Sustainability Industry Readiness Index (COSIRI).

COSIRI is an unbiased, structured manufacturer-centric framework that is set to benchmark the sustainability maturity of global industry players and their ESG transparency and reporting. It provides a holistic view, incorporating all sustainability elements.

Designed with Development Partner McKinsey & Company, COSIRI will help manufacturers make more informed and sustainable transformation decisions through system-generated proposed next steps. COSIRI also introduces a sustainability star rating system that indicates the carbon dioxide reduction of the manufacturer.

Organisations that wish to assess their sustainability performance using COSIRI will be evaluated across four dimensions: strategic climate risk mitigation, sustainable business processes, clean technology and the implementation of ESG function in the organisation. The COSIRI Prioritisation Matrix used in this assessment is built upon Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards and the assessed company’s unique business objective, to calculate and recommend the next step of GHG reduction actions and overall sustainability journey.

The COSIRI assessment process is designed to be quick and easy, spanning a mere two days. This enables businesses to consistently monitor and track transformation progress over time and benchmark sustainability performance against peers globally.

Co-development Partners that helped INCIT develop and test COSIRI include Ball, Capgemini, Coherent, Eldor, Glendale, HP and Viessmann.

If you’re interested in becoming a Certified COSIRI Assessor (CCA) or a COSIRI Certified Training/Examination Centre, or want to be a part of our COSIRI network to drive positive, lasting change for global manufacturing, visit COSIRI page to learn more.

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