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You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Experience the transformative possibilities for your business through the comprehensive SIRI Assessment.

Official SIRI Assessment

The Official SIRI Assessment provides an independent review of a company’s manufacturing operations, offering a thorough evaluation of the company’s Industry 4.0 maturity levels. It covers the company’s internal processes, the technological status of its manufacturing facilities, and organisational readiness for digital transformation.

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Assessment Outcomes

Gain crucial insights into your company’s Industry 4.0 digital maturity level, key dimensions to prioritize, global and industry-specific benchmarks, transformation roadmaps, and more.

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Assessment Timeline

Assessment-to-prioritization in a single workshop. Learn more about the timeline of key stages during the assessment process.

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Certified Assessors

Locate a certified assessor in your region to kick-start your Industry 4.0 digital transformation journey today.

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Strategies for thriving in the digital era: Understanding intrinsic methodologies including Lean and Six Sigma


Case Study:
Connstep Inc.

Erik Fogleman, Senior Technology Solutions Consultant at Connstep Inc. describes how he is using the Smart Industry Readiness Index to help companies in Connecticut, USA progress on their Industry 4.0 journeys.

Other Case Studies

Case Study

With intentions to upgrade its manufacturing site in Singapore, Coherent completed the SIRI Assessment in 2018 as a starting point for its transformation plan. The assessment enabled Coherent to uncover new opportunities that were not previously considered.

Coherent built on the results by engaging a Certified SIRI Assessor who helped develop a comprehensive and customized transformation roadmap for the company. The planned improvements, targeted for completion in 2020, include enhancing connectivity, increasing integration across various systems, and developing new skills roadmaps to train employees.

“The SIRI Assessment helped us better understand the current state of our facility and how it compared to the rest of the industry. Through it, we released that there was a lot of room for us to improve and opportunities we could work on. This knowledge guided the development of our Lean-Digitalisation Transformation roadmap.”

Mr. Goh Hin Tiang
General Manager, Coherent Singapore

COHERENT California, USA

Principles of Assessment

Fundamental guidelines and concepts that guide the process of evaluating, measuring, and conduct of Official SIRI Assessments. These principles are essential for ensuring fair, accurate, and meaningful assessment outcomes.


The SIRI Assessment uses Industry 4.0 concepts as reference points. Future manufacturing and industrial concepts, as well as technologies, should also be considered if relevant.


All SIRI dimensions should be considered, although the importance and relevance of each dimension will vary depending on the nature of the industry and the company’s current and future needs.


The SIRI Assessment is more than a one-off exercise, it should be used on an ongoing basis and facilities should be re-evaluated every few years.


The SIRI Assessment provides a snapshot of a facility’s current state but not its fture potential.

Frequently asked questions

The cost of an assessment depends on the price that the assessor that you have engaged quotes you. INCIT does not involve itself in the pricing of the assessment charged to the client.

To maintain the objectivity and quality of an Official SIRI Assessment, only a Certified SIRI Assessor is qualified to conduct the assessment. Find our list of assessors here.

If an employee from the company is a Certified SIRI Assessor, the employee is eligible to help the company conduct an internal self-assessment.

The Official SIRI Assessment is estimated to take around 1.5 days, but the actual duration may vary depending on the size and complexity of your manufacturing operations. The process, and approximate time required, is as follows:

  1. Onboarding call (one hour)
  2. Evaluation, including site visit (one day) 
  3. Review and debrief (two hours)

Find out more on about the Official SIRI Assessment timeline here.

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