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Training & Certification

Equip yourself with the essential knowledge, skills, and qualifications to actively drive Industry 4.0 advancements and spearhead digital transformation initiatives globally.

CSA Programme

The Certified SIRI Assessor (CSA) Programme formally accredits individuals to conduct Official SIRI Assessments on manufacturing facilities by leveraging SIRI’s Framework and Tools. Accredited assessors gain crucial expertise to assist clients in developing digital transformation roadmaps, accelerating Industry 4.0 adoption, and elevating industry standards.

Approved Training Providers

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Training Schedule

The CSA Programme Training Course is a comprehensive 5-day programme encompassing Industry 4.0, SIRI Frameworks and Tools, business consulting, and the methodology for conducting an Official SIRI Assessment.

Examination Schedule

Individuals who have successfully completed the CSA Programme Training Course can register for any of the upcoming examinations listed below.

Certification Process

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Attend the training course

Enroll for the Certified SIRI Assessor training course offered by an approved training organization and complete the requirement of 40 learning hours in-class coursework.

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Pass the examinations

Upon completing the training course, apply for the Certified SIRI Assessor examination course from an approved training organization.

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After successfully passing the examinations, you are now officially a Certified SIRI Assessor. Partake in the orientation program and gain access to the SIRI Portal to start conducting assessments.

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