The Consumer Sustainability Readiness Index (COSIRI) is a neutral, independent sustainability framework to benchmark sustainability maturity of organisations.

Introducing COSIRI

COSIRI is an independent framework to help benchmark the sustainability maturity of organisations and their ESG transparency and reporting.

Aimed at putting the power firmly in the consumer’s hands, COSIRI enables consumers to make more sustainable purchasing decisions – which will in turn put pressure on the manufacturing industry to decarbonise and become more sustainable.

COSIRI will also allow for greater transparency and visibility in ESG reporting in manufacturing. This way, manufacturers will be better able to monitor and track their progress towards sustainability goals.

How COSIRI will drive change

We aim to positively impact climate change by making it easier for consumers to select the most sustainable products/services.

The process is simple: the consumer scans a QR code at point of purchase, giving them a transparent view of the product’s environmental footprint throughout the entire supply chain. 

Through empowering customers, we will spark transformative change in manufacturing and ensure that sustainability is at forefront of the industry. 

How COSIRI works

COSIRI allows for a neutral, quantifiable assessment of an organisation’s sustainability performance. Maturity is assessed across four dimensions: Strategy, Business Processes, Technology and Organisation.

COSIRI provides an unbiased, structured framework so consumers can take an organisation’s ESG performance into consideration when selecting products/services. 

This evaluation and comparison allows consumers to purchase more sustainably – which in turn puts pressure on manufacturers and providers to become more sustainable. 

COSIRI design principles

8 guiding principles to help companies drive ESG and reach Net Zero.

Sustainable operations

​Monitor and control environmental impact from operations across GHG, resources, waste and pollution.

Sustainable procurement

​Develop a holistic process to select greener material and service providers.

Sustainable supply chain

​Transform the supply chain mode, asset planning and network design for more decarbonisation.

Circular product life cycle

​Design and drive to increase the circularity potential of products.

Clean technologies

Implement and integrate advanced clean technologies for greater sustainability.

6. Sustainability strategy (Develop sustainability target and plan; integration of ESG principles and strategic decision.)
7. Climate risk management (Physical climate risk, transition and compliance risk, reputation risk.)
8. Organisation and governance (Talent for sustainability, leadership involvement, external reporting and collaboration.)

The advantages of COSIRI



Deployment is quick and the readily available data is easy to understand.


Rating and scoring can be done in place of missing information, promoting greater transparency.


Third-party assessments for neutral and objective outcomes.

Modular / Expandable

New metrics can be added as sustainability dimensions evolve.


Benchmarking can be done across subsectors and sustainability dimensions.


Provides a comprehensive maturity and outcome assessment across multiple sustainability dimensions.

Creating value with COSIRI

COSIRI creates tangible value for multiple stakeholders across the value chain. 


  • Shows manufacturers where they stand relative to broad middle-in-class companies, and generates ESG data to drive market capitalisation.
  • Can better integrate the sustainability agenda into a manufacturer’s Industry 4.0 journey.
  • Creates a roadmap, with transformation pathways and prioritised next steps.
  • Provides benchmarks for target setting.


  • Provides a neutral, quantifiable assessment of the sustainability of products and services so consumers can make informed choices.
  • Gives a snapshot of a company’s current sustainability performance.


  • Provides benchmarks for target setting to better guide transformation and policies for the development of the sector and/or industry at large.

The outputs

A Star emblem will be given to a company after the COSIRI assessment is complete. The emblem provides a quick overview of a company’s sustainability performance.

Yellow: Supplier assessment score not available

Green: Supplier assessment score available

  • The official COSIRI Star emblem will be given upon completion of COSIRI assessment (valid for two years).
  • The Star rating will be derived by taking the average of four pillars under Sustainable Business Process, capped to the maximum score of Operation – Green House Gas Emission.
  • The Star emblem for suppliers will be coloured differently based on their Supplier Assessment score.
  • Assessed companies are encouraged to disclose their Star emblem as part of their sustainability reporting.

Become a Certified COSIRI Assessor (CCA)

If you have a passion for sustainability, are keen to take a proactive, advisory role in reducing manufacturing’s carbon footprint, and want to catalyse ESG transformation in the industry, we welcome you to become a Certified COSIRI Assessor (CCA).

Through the CCA Programme, we will enable you to help understand the sustainability maturity of organisations and their ESG transparency, leading to the creation of ESG benchmarks. To become a CCA, individuals must first enrol for the COSIRI Assessor Training Course, offered by any Approved Training Provider, before registering for and passing the CCA Examination. Learn more about the application process, prerequisites and syllabus by clicking the button below.

Why should companies undergo COSIRI assessment?

Customer insights
COSIRI value proposition




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Value proposition

Become a COSIRI Certified Training/Examination Centre

Be part of our COSIRI network and drive positive, lasting change for global manufacturing – and the world – by helping to train and accredit Certified COSIRI Assessors. Learn more about the qualifications required, and how you can play your part to push the needle on sustainability.

COSIRI partners

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What our partners say

“Manufacturing companies are increasingly concerned about ESG, but not all of them might know what benchmarks to set. COSIRI is a unique framework that can help demystify complex sustainability concepts into measurable dimensions for them to take action on. This allows the companies to quickly assess their current state of maturity and impact areas, and thus benchmark their current sustainability practices against peers and determine impact areas.”
McKinsey & Company
“With the Big6 perspective, we realized the depth of sustainability, and we understood that much broader and varied stakeholders are also participating in our journey, and we must involve them as well. Sustainability is indeed a journey for each of our stakeholders and the entire world.”
Hilmi Güven
Plant EHS Manager
“With COSIRI, our vision on sustainability has shifted, and it has broadened our perspectives.”
Mehmet Yontar
Maintenance, Engineering and Sustainability Manager