2022: Year in review

Year Review International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT)

In the past year, world-changing global events, geopolitical instabilities and economic uncertainty have been the only constants in an ever-changing world. As industries and businesses continue to adapt to a world in flux, manufacturing has managed to come out even stronger than before, and the International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT) has strived to serve as a beacon for change within the sector.

Through benchmarking tools like the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) and new collaborative platforms like ManuVate, we have been able to carry out our mission of helping manufacturing organisations achieve impactful and sustainable transformation. And we’re just getting started.

As we wrap up 2022, we look back at some of the milestones and key developments that have provided opportunities for INCIT to effect lasting change this year. We look forward to driving greater transformation in manufacturing in the year ahead, to enable sustainable, efficient and revolutionary change in 2023 and beyond.

Launch of International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT)

January 2022

INCIT – a non-profit, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) institution which champions manufacturing transformation – is launched.

INCIT’s aim is to collaborate with both public and private sector manufacturing-related organisations to support industrial transformation, drive Industry 4.0, and enable global manufacturing to become more resilient and productive, and better positioned for future success.

World Economic Forum Manufacturing Transformation Insights Report 2022

10 February 2022

The Manufacturing Transformation Insights Report 2022 by the World Economic Forum is launched. The report offers new insights and findings from the Global SIRI initiative, which aims to build the world’s largest data sets and benchmarks on the state of manufacturing globally.

In collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), the report draws on data from close to 600 manufacturing companies in 30 countries that underwent the Official SIRI Assessment (OSA).

Additionally, it outlines the current state of industrial transformation across different sectors, and presents detailed case studies on how different stakeholders – ranging from manufacturers to industry associations and governments – are actively leveraging SIRI to advance their digital transformation journeys.

Saudi Arabia’s NIDLP partners INCIT to drive SIRI adoption in the Kingdom

24 June 2022

INCIT announces a collaborative partnership with the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) of Saudi Arabia to drive the adoption of SIRI throughout the Kingdom and accelerate the transformation of the manufacturing sector.

The partnership between INICT and NIDLP will see the roll-out of SIRI in manufacturing facilities across the nation to gather data on micro and macroeconomic trends. This will enable the sustainable transformation of the Saudi Arabian manufacturing industry, led by facts-based data analytics.

Beca partners with INCIT to train Certified SIRI Assessors

12 August 2022

INCIT announces a partnership with Beca, one of the largest independent engineering consultancies in the Asia-Pacific, to facilitate SIRI training and assessments.

Through this partnership, Beca is empowering its consultants to become Certified SIRI Assessors (CSAs), undergoing rigorous training and passing the CSA Examination. These individuals are qualified to carry out OSAs and can effectively use SIRI’s frameworks and tools to provide manufacturers with an objective, non-biased view of their production facilities.

The results of an OSA can also help manufacturers prioritise their next steps, pinpointing where to focus their resources for greatest impact in a short time.

BSI: INCIT’s newest global SIRI accreditation partner

August 2022

UK National Standards Body BSI becomes a global SIRI Training and Certification Centre. Through this partnership, BSI now offers the Certified SIRI Assessor Programme to industry players who want to become CSAs and leverage SIRI to accelerate transformation in manufacturing.

INCIT welcomes new SIRI partner KoçDigital

September 2022

INCIT announces a partnership with Turkish Advanced Analytics and Internet of Things solutions provider, KoçDigital, to leverage SIRI to boost greater adoption of Industry 4.0 in the region. Through this new partnership with INCIT, some of KocDigital’s employees will become CSAs who will use SIRI’s suite of frameworks and tools to conduct OSAs, facilitating Industry 4.0 transformation in their own organisation and for KoçDigital’s clients.

INCIT partners Kazakhstan’s AIFC Tech Hub to drive Industry 4.0 with SIRI

4 October 2022

INCIT announces a partnership with Kazakhstan’s Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) Tech Hub – a platform designed for global start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors and the industry’s top technology experts to meet and collaborate.

AIFC Tech Hub and INCIT will work together to support digital transformation efforts and collaborative opportunities within the nation through the World Economic Forum’s affiliate Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) in Kazakhstan.

DTI and INCIT partner to drive adoption of SIRI across the Philippines

19 October 2022

INCIT signs an agreement to collaborate with the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to facilitate the adoption of SIRI throughout the Philippines, with the aim of accelerating the transformation of the manufacturing sector.

The Philippines is the first ASEAN country to partner with INCIT to adopt the SIRI framework as a national index, and represents the successful scale-up of a pilot initiated in 2021 by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), as part of the World Economic Forum Global SIRI Initiative. ADB has chosen SIRI as a key tool to support socio-economic development within the manufacturing sectors of its developing member countries in Asia Pacific.

Formally inked in an official ceremony at the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2022 event, the partnership will contribute towards the DTI’s new science, technology and innovation-driven industry strategy, which aims to leverage innovation to expand economic opportunities in the country and catalyse inclusive, sustainable and resilient industrialisation. The roll-out of SIRI in manufacturing facilities across the Philippines will be supported financially by the ADB.

INCIT launches ManuVate Global Innovation Platform

17 November 2022

INCIT launches the ManuVate Global Innovation Platform – a collaborative platform designed to help manufacturers across the globe address problems and gaps in their organisations, to better support Industry 4.0 transformation.

ManuVate aims to provide manufacturers access to a robust ecosystem of innovators, R&D scientists, engineers and other industry players to address their current challenge. The platform fills this gap by cultivating a pool of Solvers (ManuVators) who will be “challenged” to innovate to solve manufacturers’ problems. Manufacturers who bring a challenge to the ManuVate platform are known as Seekers.

Learn more about ManuVate here.

Incit.org revamped – new look, same mission

18 November 2022

INCIT launches its new-look website. Incit.org has been upgraded to be more user-friendly so that it’s easier for visitors to find out more about manufacturing transformation – and how to better drive it to achieve business success.

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