ManuVate Global Innovation Platform has been launched

The ManuVate Global Innovation Platform is live and is ready to help manufacturers across the globe address problems and gaps in their organisations, to accelerate their Industry 4.0 transformation.

The global manufacturing environment has become more complex today, and organisations are having to continually adjust and adapt, taking into account what works well and what requires improvement. Given events in recent years, it’s clear that organisations that are prepared for change can move swiftly to capitalise on new opportunities;, yet many organisations still fail to respond quickly enough to unexpected changes.

Thus, the global manufacturing sector needs to foster innovation and encourage change.

Innovation in the manufacturing industry isn’t just about new technologies. Innovative manufacturers integrate innovation in their ecosystem and continuously encourage new ideas. In many cases, manufacturers lack access to a robust ecosystem of innovators, R&D scientists, engineers and other industry players to address their current challenge.

ManuVate fills this gap by cultivating a pool of Solvers (ManuVators) who will be “challenged” to innovate to solve manufacturers’ problems. Manufacturers who bring a challenge to the ManuVate platform are known as Seekers.

Learn more about ManuVate

Learn more about ManuVate here or contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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