Fostering innovation and facilitating collaboration to solve manufacturing challenges and drive transformation.

Introduction to ManuVate

ManuVate is a collaborative platform developed to accelerate the global momentum of innovations towards Industry 4.0 for manufacturers worldwide, based on robust collaboration between “Challengers-Seekers” and “Solvers-ManuVators”. Business entities seeking to digitise manufacturing facilities may leverage this crowdsourcing platform for innovations and solutions. ManuVate empowers manufacturers to drive change and solve problems through active idea-generation across the entire value chain, fueling sustainable growth through continuous improvement.

Targeted at manufacturers on their Industry 4.0 journey

ManuVate is a robust platform that helps to gather and compile ideas from within and outside of a manufacturing organisation. In other words, it encourages INTERNAL and EXTERNAL idea generation.

The concept of Seeker and ManuVator

The Seeker

Leverage ManuVate platform to identify a community of solvers for resolution

Seekers or Challengers are manufacturers who kick-start the innovation process by defining targeted Industry 4.0 manufacturing challenges. These can include anything from R&D and Engineering challenges, to production problems and operational gaps currently hindering their growth and development. Key ideas can then be evaluated, endorsed and rewarded, as part of the innovation process.

Ride on a crowd of multidisciplinary innovators. ManuVate opens doors, providing access to reputable multidisciplinary innovators, as well as a swathe of start-ups. ManuVators can extend and render solutions that go beyond theory, spanning idea inception to proof of concept and successful implementation.

The ManuVator

Generate ideas to nail down key challenges and better define manufacturing business opportunities

As challenge-driven innovation relies on the active engagement of Solvers to drive the process of continuous improvement, publicity about the endorsed challenges will be raised via ManuVate. The platform will also allow the systematic tracking of ideas generated by Solvers.

Solvers are invited to actively ‘bid’ for challenges, which can span any of the industry sectors across 15 defined manufacturing disciplines and one open broad-base discipline, based on their specialisations and ability to render possible solutions.

How does ManuVate complement SIRI and INCIT’s other tools?

ManuVate complements SIRI to drive manufacturing transformation, particularly in the early stages of an exercise, by initiating collaboration via a structured and systematic procedure.
ManuVate effectively supports both Official SIRI Assessments and the advice of Certified SIRI Assessors as a tool to track every phase of the transformation journey, and helps the organisation maintain its change momentum. Further, as a platform that encourages idea generation, ManuVate enables organisations to more easily take the next step to fill gaps and solve problems; to innovate, explore and implement effective solutions.

Process flow and onboarding

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