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Smart Industry Readiness Index

Catalysing digital transformation in global manufacturing.

Embracing digitalisation

Manufacturing is in the midst of its next revolution. The digital age has ushered in a new era for manufacturing, known as Industry 4.0. This paradigm shift offers global companies the chance to enhance productivity, flexibility, and speed for newfound competitive advantages.

Smart Industry Readiness Index

The Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) is the world’s first independent digital maturity assessment for manufacturers. It comprises a suite of frameworks and tools to help manufacturers – regardless of size and industry – start, scale, and sustain their manufacturing transformation journeys.

Countries have adopted SIRI​
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Certified SIRI Assessors worldwide
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Industry 4.0 improvements​

Explore SIRI

Propel your journey into the smart manufacturing landscape with SIRI.


Hyper-personalisation in manufacturing: ushering the next industrial revolution?



Increases awareness

Improves understanding of technology and its benefits to manufacturing

Create alignment​

Boosts alignment within organisation and fosters transparency

Track progress​

Able to run in recurring way to track transformation progress​

Compare maturity ​

Benchmark Industry 4.0 maturity across sites and against peers​

Prioritize efforts​

Generate transformation roadmaps and enable better allocation of resources​

Quick and easy​

Assessment is quick and easy, without the need to share sensitive data​

Holistic view​

Digital maturity assessment across Process, Technology, and Organisation​

Access to network​

Taps into a wide network of technology providers to increase Industry 4.0 knowledge​

Neutral toolkit​

Certified assessment carried out by third party, based on anonymous data​

Featured Whitepapers

The Smart Industry Readiness Index

A comprehensive guide on the innovative concepts and methodologies behind the Smart Industry Readiness Index and its accompanying Assessment Matrix.


The Prioritisation Matrix

A powerful management
planning tool designed to assist companies in identifying high-priority dimensions that can deliver the greatest value and impact to the organisation.

Manufacturing Transformation Insights Report 2022

Analysing 200 manufacturing facilities worldwide, this comprehensive report offers a data-backed snapshot of global industrial transformation.



SIRI has helped businesses globally reinvent their Industry 4.0 journeys.

Prof Dr Axel Stepken

Chairman of the Board of Management, TÜV SÜD

“SIRI gives clear orientation to manufacturers on what Industry 4.0 means and how they can initiate their transformation journey. The Assessment Matrix is a world’s first Industry 4.0 tool that is developed by the government for national-wide transformation of industrial sectors. Strongly aligned with Industry 4.0 and other global manufacturing initiatives, it has the potential to be the global standard for the future of manufacturing.”

Mr Yeoh Pit Wee

Director for Manufacturing Operations, Rockwell Automation

“Often, companies tend to focus excessively on shop floor automation and under invest in equally important areas such as process design and workforce competency. SIRI serves as a useful counter-check to ensure that no dimensions are overlooked, in order to capture maximum value from any Industry 4.0 initiatives.”

Prof Dr Ing Siegfried Russwurm

Former Chief Technology Officer of Siemens AG

“The Smart Industry Readiness Index is a framework that strikes a good balance by offering practical applicability while maintaining both conceptual and technical rigour.”

Mr Goh Koon Eng

General Manager, Chevron Oronite

“Like us, many companies have already started their transformation journey. Beyond addressing the operational concerns today, SIRI is a useful framework to also guide our future decisions to deliver sustained impact. It also ensures that we’re always moving in the right direction and focusing on the things that matter.”

Mr. Laurent Filipozzi

Site Head, Infineon Plant, Singapore

“As part of our Smart Enterprise Program, we have been investing in many initiatives to achieve significant improvements in speed, productivity, and quality. Here, we see SIRI as a useful tool to help us unlock maximum value by not only pushing us to investigate new dimensions that were not created previously, but also allowing us to pursue our Industry 4.0 strategy in a more targeted fashion.”

Mr Hashim Baba

Plant Manager, Becton Dickinson Singapore

“SIRI allows our manufacturing teams to take stock of what we are doing well and where we can do better. This forms a good basis to build a shared Industry 4.0 vision and strategy, enabling us to take decisive action in initiating a multi-year transformation journey.”

Mr Desmond Goh

Director, People Bee Hoon Factory

“While the term Industry 4.0 was created several years ago, many manufacturing companies, particular SMEs, remain unfamiliar with it. SIRI is an intuitive and realistic reference framework which is useful for all industrial companies, both big and small, to not only learn these new concepts but to also apply them to our facilities..”

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