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INCIT® is now a registered trademark – INCIT®’s portfolio growing rapidly

INCIT® is now a registered trademark – INCIT®’s portfolio growing rapidly

Great news! We have successfully registered “INCIT” as the trademark of the International Centre for Industrial Transformation. This helps us consolidate and establish our brand so we can continue to grow our presence and reach, in both the region and globally.

Aside from driving Industry 4.0 transformation through the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI), we now also help manufacturers benchmark and boost sustainability with our Consumer Sustainability Industry Readiness Index (COSIRI). Supplementing these indexes is our ManuVate platform which aims to foster greater innovation and collaboration in the manufacturing community and solve challenges to enable even more effective transformation.

On top of that, we’re launching our Global Executive Industry Talks (GETIT) – a knowledge-sharing platform from industry thought leaders, for industry thought leaders. The GETIT platform brings together some of the industry’s top minds to share the latest insights and trends to help the manufacturing community grow and advance as a whole.

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