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Consumer Sustainability Industry Readiness Index

A neutral, independent sustainability framework to benchmark sustainability maturity of organisations.

Introducing COSIRI​

The Consumer Sustainability Industry Readiness Index (COSIRI) is a comprehensive framework and set of tools designed to assist manufacturers, regardless of size or industry, to embed sustainability into all their operations. COSIRI assesses 24 dimensions across four fundamental building blocks of sustainability: Strategy and Risk Management, Sustainable Business Processes, Technology, and Organisation and Governance. An additional focus area on Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions is included to address the increasing importance of GHG reporting required by regulators and stakeholders.

COSIRI serves as an independent benchmarking system to assess the sustainability maturity of manufacturers, help establish future roadmaps, and enhance Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) transparency and reporting for manufacturing organisations. COSIRI takes into account the evolving global landscape as it guides organisations and manufacturers through their sustainability transformation journeys.

1. COSIRI Framework

COSIRI is an independent framework to help benchmark the sustainability maturity of organisations and their ESG transparency and reporting.

2. Sustainability Journey

After assessment, COSIRI Analytics will give a report of the site, which includes benchmarking against industry peers, and a guide to transform its sustainability journey

3. Scanning the emblem

Assessed site will be given an emblem. By scanning the emblem, consumers can see the company’s sustainability achievements, and make more sustainable purchasing decisions — putting the power firmly in consumer’s hands. This put the pressure on the manufacturing industry to be most sustainable.

4. Transparency and Visibility

COSIRI will also allow for greater transparency and visibility in ESG reporting in manufacturing. This way, manufacturers will be better able to monitor and track their progress towards sustainability goals.

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Creating Value With COSIRI

Manufacturing Companies
COSIRI enables companies to formally assess their current level of sustainability. The assessments provide companies with invaluable insights into lacking areas and what can be done to improve their standing. Additionally, our reports will compare the company’s performance across all 24 dimensions and benchmark against industry peers.
Forging strategic partnerships with INCIT allow governments to gain access to profound analytics and benchmarks. Governments will be able to create better programs and policies, drive targeted sustainable initiatives and development across various industries, create jobs, educate and develop talent pools, build capacity, increase economic output, and improve infrastructure to support the transformation journeys.
Technology and Consultancy Firms
Help your clients to effectively gain insights into their sustainability performance across multiple dimensions and expedite their sustainability transformation endeavors. Nominate consultants within your company to become Certified COSIRI Assessors (CCAs) as they integrate assessments into their current roles which allows them to add tremendous value to their clients and services.
Equity Companies
Banks, Private Equity companies, and investors can use COSIRI to conduct the sustainability due diligence of their portfolio manufacturers. Get detailed insights on where these manufacturers stand on circularity, GHG emissions, water consumption, waste management, sustainable procurement, and much more to protect your investments.

Advantages of COSIRI



Deployment is quick and the readily available data is easy to understand.


Rating and scoring can be done in place of missing information, promoting greater transparency.


Third-party assessments for neutral and objective outcomes.

Modular / Expandable

New metrics can be added as sustainability dimensions evolve.


Benchmarking can be done across subsectors and sustainability dimensions.


Provides a comprehensive maturity and outcome assessment across multiple sustainability dimensions.

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Become a Certified COSIRI Assessor (CCA)

If you have a passion for sustainability, are keen to take a proactive, advisory role in reducing manufacturing’s carbon footprint, and want to catalyse ESG transformation in the industry, we welcome you to become a Certified COSIRI Assessor (CCA).

Through the CCA Programme, we will enable you to help understand the sustainability maturity of organisations and their ESG transparency, leading to the creation of ESG benchmarks. To become a CCA, individuals must first enrol for the COSIRI Assessor Training Course, offered by any Approved Training Provider, before registering for and passing the CCA Examination. Learn more about the application process, prerequisites and syllabus by clicking the button below.

Become a COSIRI Certified Training/Examination Centre

Be part of our COSIRI network and drive positive, lasting change for global manufacturing – and the world – by helping to train and accredit Certified COSIRI Assessors. Learn more about the qualifications required, and how you can play your part to push the needle on sustainability.
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