Assessment Outcomes

Delivering Industry 4.0 maturity checks and uniquely tailored digital transformation roadmaps with focus areas for improvements.

Generating business value

The Smart Industry Readiness Index delivers immense value to companies through its key assessment outcomes. These include insights into the company’s Industry 4.0 maturity level, focus dimensions to prioritise, global and industry-specific benchmarking, creation of tailored transformation roadmaps that generate business value, and many more.

SIRI Star Emblem

Digital maturity rating at a glance.

An essential aspect of undergoing the SIRI Assessment is acquiring precise insights into your organization’s digital maturity level. The SIRI Star Emblem functions as a hallmark of quality, providing authentication and heightened credibility in the spheres of your company’s digital transformation and data integrity to current and future stakeholders. Each star emblem corresponds to a specific tier of digital maturity, and this accreditation remains valid for a duration of two years.

Prioritised Dimensions

Areas with the greatest impact values.

From the results of the SIRI Assessment Matrix, impact to bottom line, essential business objectives and references to broader community, the SIRI dimensions with the highest impact values and greatest potential for significant benefits are methodically identified and listed.

3B Maturity Benchmark

Differentiating from industry peers.

The 3B Maturity Benchmark establishes a high-level reference point, categorising factories or plants as Best-in-Class, in the Broad Middle, or at the Bottom. This framework offers the global manufacturing community a comprehensive, sector-wide benchmark.

A diagram showing the different stages of a project.

Industry Performance Cards

Apples-to-apples comparison.

The state of transformation can be highly industry-specific, shaped by various factors. Industry Performance Cards (IPC) offer sector-specific benchmarks for apples-to-apples comparisons. Leveraging both the 3B Maturity Benchmark and IPCs ensure a holistic understanding, supporting organisations in strategic industry positioning.

Advanced Manufacturing



Paper Industry

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Textile, Leather, 


Fast Moving 
Consumer Goods

Metals and 
Mining Industry




Frequently asked questions

The assessment outcomes are delivered in an official report, presented to the company by the Certified SIRI Assessor that conducted the assessment for the company. The assessor will have a debrief session with the company to discuss the results of the assessment and the next steps.

No. INCIT does not provide sample assessment reports that are publicly available for download or viewing.

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