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The Faradai Net Zero Intelligence Platform

In this GETIT video, join Edward Hubbard, Global Sales Director of Faradai, as he dives into what it takes for manufacturers to get a good sense of emissions reporting. As global manufacturing works towards net zero, it is critical for manufacturers to know how to collect, organise, and analyse data efficiently to make sense of their sustainability efforts.

After all, you cannot change what you cannot measure. Click and watch what Faradai can do to improve your emissions reporting through structured data management and automation. You may also reach out to Edward Hubbard here:

Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edward-hubbard-443284a/
Website: https://faradai.ai/v2/

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Global Sales Director, Faradai

Edward is a commercially focused, client-facing leader. He is experienced in developing teams that grow business profitably and sustainably while delivering excellent customer service. Working with property directors, heads of facilities…

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