Saudi Arabia’s manufacturing sector to transform through adoption of SIRI

Last month International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT) announced a high-impact collaborative partnership with the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) of Saudi Arabia to drive the adoption of the Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) throughout the Kingdom and accelerate the transformation of the manufacturing sector.

INCIT is an independent, non-government institute founded to spearhead the transformation of global manufacturing. It champions the Industry 4.0 journeys of manufacturers and advocates for the global rise of smart manufacturing.

Founder and CEO Raimund Klein believes the partnership will transform the Kingdom into a leading industrial powerhouse and a global logistics hub.

“The adoption of SIRI will maximize the value of its mining and energy sectors while unlocking the full potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” he said.

The partnership between INICT and NIDLP will see the roll-out of SIRI in manufacturing facilities across the nation to gather data on micro- and macroeconomic trends. This will enable the sustainable transformation of the Saudi Arabian manufacturing industry, led by facts-based data analytics.

SIRI, a project also sponsored by the World Economic Forum, provides a framework to help solve every production problem whether across silos, processes, technologies, or the organization itself, while at the same time increasing productivity. It allows manufacturers to prioritize their key focus areas so that resources can be adequately allocated to deliver the greatest impact. ~ENDS

More about the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP)

In 2016, Saudi Arabia unveiled its Vision 2030, an ambitious plan to transform the Kingdom into a diversified, innovative and world-leading nation, to unlock its potential to benefit future generations. Part of the Vision entails growing and diversifying the economy to create a thriving economy.

NIDLP is one of 11 Vision Realization Programs designed to translate the Vision into action. It aims to maximize the contribution of four sectors – energy, mining, industry and logistics – to grow and diversify the economy through localizing content and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

More about the International Centre for Industrial Transformation (INCIT)

INCIT’s mission is to develop internationally referenced frameworks, tools, concepts and programs to raise awareness and educate the international manufacturing community on the latest transformation developments and trends in manufacturing. SIRI is one of these tools.

Everything we do is aimed at creating a more sustainable future. Our tools and frameworks provide international standards that allow unbiased benchmarking, which can drive continuous improvement and growth in manufacturing.

With a focus on futureproofing and integrating ESG seamlessly into an organization’s operations, our tools and frameworks help the manufacturing sector and the world at large progress and grow, to benefit all.

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