Advance the state of manufacturing with GETIT

Manufacturing plays an important role in the development of society and our future. But in this constantly evolving industry, attaining progress, encouraging innovation and driving transformation can be challenging if done alone. To shape the future, industry leaders need to come together with their visions, thoughts and ideas so they can nurture future generations for […]

Providing the Human Sense of Touch to Robots

Join Alexander Schmitz, Co-founder and COO of XELA Robotics, as he shares more about XELA’s mission to find a sustainable solution to the labour shortage caused by an ageing population. XELA Robotics aims to find a solution with its breakthrough “uSkin” tactile sensor technology. With these sensors, XELA aims to provide tactile data for both […]

Empowering the workforce with people-centric production

Join Dr Elisa Roth, Co-founder and CEO of Augmented Industries GmbH, as she shares the importance of people-centricity in the modern digital manufacturing landscape, and the basic principles and applicable ‘how-to’ elements to empower leaders to shape people-centric productions systems in their companies. In this GETIT session, you will learn about why putting people at […]