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COSIRI Assessment

Step into the journey of sustainability transformation by taking our COSIRI assessment and catalysing your path towards a greener and brighter future.

What is a COSIRI Assessment?

Learning the key concepts is an essential first step in any transformation journey, but that alone is not enough. manufacturers must next evaluate the current state of their manufacturing facilities, before they can identify areas of improvement. Manufacturers can conduct this comprehensive evaluation of their facilities through the COSIRI Assessment. This includes the Assessment Matrix to establish their standing across 16 key dimensions and the Prioritisation Matrix to identify high-impact dimensions for further action.

Manufacturers only need two days to self-conduct this internal review, with guidance from the COSIRI Self-Assessment Application and whitepapers. Alternatively, they may engage a Certified COSIRI Assessor to conduct the Official COSIRI Assessment.

COSIRI Assessment Timeline

Indicative Timings: About 1 day for trust-based qualitative assessment; and 1.5 days for fact-based quantitative assessment​

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Official Assessment

Engage a Certified COSIRI Assessor to conduct an Official COSIRI Assessment, which includes an evaluation of your manufacturing facility, and a prioritisation exercise to identify high-impact areas.

Need Assistance?

Let INCIT® guide you through the journey of getting your Official COSIRI Assessment.

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Engage a Certified COSIRI Assessor (CCA) to conduct an Official COSIRI Assessment. CCAs are formally recognized by the Singapore Economic Development Board as independent and neutral individuals who can professionally assess a manufacturing facility using COSIRI and its accompanying frameworks and tools.

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